Part I /IV Playboy Fragrances
Building brand preference
& raising Digital
Playboy Fragrances
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    Creative Director
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The Brief

A School Exercise based on actual needs

In a Nutshell

We had 4 days to come up with a digital campaign strategy for the brand Playboy Fragrances, targetting 14 to 18 y-os
(the Playboy Fragrances #generation clientele).

As a fourth-year school project, one of our teachers had us face a call for tender he worked on himself as a creative director at Publicis Modem. I worked as a creative director with my good friend Yves Do as a strategic planner and a team of 4.

Unused Brand Assets

Playboy Fragrances Website
icon No user journey stands out on the website.
Playboy Fragrances Youtube channel
icon Well-directed Youtube ads aren't pushed.
Playboy Fragrances social media crowd
icon Huge networks on social media. Inconsistent posts.

Brand Perception

A fine line had to be drawn between the outrageously sexy Playboy Magazine and the glamorous, high-end Playboy Fragrances was going for.


Playboy Fragrances Website
With Axe, success comes to you passively. Celebrated man.
  • Fresh
  • Sexist
Playboy Fragrances Website
Old Spice has a positively funny image.
  • Fun
  • Quiet
Playboy Fragrances Website
Christina Aguilera capitalizes on a celebrity.
  • Quiet
  • Narrow target

We quickly realized that none of these competitors really suited the needs of our audience. We were targetting Boys and girls aged 14 to 25, an audience that fit the #generation Playboy fragrance. Their values are an uncertain future that looks distant, alongside a certain sense of YOLO-ism.

So How?

So how could we offer an experience that would make them acknowledge our brand? How could we build brand preference, raise engagement and increase sales?

3. We believe that Playboy Fragrances is every boy’s wingman.
We believe that Playboy Fragrances is every boy’s wingman.
2. We believe that Playboy Fragrances makes every girl the Queen Bee.
We believe that Playboy Fragrances is every boy’s wingman.
1. Seduction is a Game. Playing is fun. Fun is sexy.
We believe that Playboy Fragrances is every boy’s wingman.

Our Vision

Countdown to the Manifesto


If you never try, you’ll never know.
You can play it
  • like a spy.
  • like Indiana Jones.
  • shy.
  • British.
  • romantic.
  • smooth.
  • Brad Pitt.
  • French.
  • like the POTUS.
  • Rolling Stone.
  • ninja.
  • hot.
  • Glam-rock.
  • spicy.
  • classy.
  • Like Iggy Pop.
  • her way.
  • your way.

It doesn’t matter as long as you press to play.


The Digital Experience

Bringing it into the browser

A Clearer Goal

Now that we had a well-defined idea, we thought about the environment of seduction at ages 14-18, and decided we would set our digital experience in a stylish, classy house party.

Playboy Fragrances House Party

We realized we were basically planning the very first party in a web browser, and had to recreate the usual suspects of a party’s human interactions. We illustrated our ideas and concepts with the following screens. (Of course they're not definitive mockups, but they really helped the audience visualize our concept).

playboy fragrances house party screen
Homepage An actual portal with a Press to Play Button.
playboy fragrances house party screen
Interaction Example #1 You're running into buddies and bumping fists.
playboy fragrances house party screen
Play Picker You’re running into that special someone you’d like to meet.
How will you play your approach?
playboy fragrances house party screen
Play Example #1: the Dino The selected approach unfolds with special interactions.
We kept in mind #generation’s touch of fun. Go and save your date from the dino!
playboy fragrances house party screen
Play Example #2: the Spy Or maybe you’d just want to play it classy, double-0-seven style.
playboy fragrances house party screen
Interaction Example #2 Show your game! Allow this nerdy hipster to take a picture.

Most Importantly

The Playboy Fragrances House Party digital experience had to be perceived as an actual ongoing, physical-world party by the users’ social media circles.


Make it Social


Going Viral

Now that we had a rather solid concept, we were going to make it a social. As in any actual, physical-world party, we had to thought out social interactions.

Facebook Posts

Facebook posts can be generated with integrated webcam photos of the users, in order for the party to be perceived as a real party from the outside. Users become ambassadors of the brand.

facebook post generated party picture


As in a real party, users are allowed at anytime to send tweets and brag to their friends about the great night they’re having.

playboy fragrances house party share tweets

Metrics & Indicators

Tweets, shared photos on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram. Positive perception of the brand. Traffic, raise in subscribers, sales conversion.

With Playboy Fragrances

It's not the door you're using
It's the way you're walking through it.

(also lyrics from a neat Kills song)